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Negative Air Machines are CRUCIAL to achieve the right conditions for a safe and productive workplace. These EXTRACTORS are designed for many purposes: Air duct cleaning together with a mechanical cleaning system as Brushing Machine, Brushing Robot And also cleaning with air jetting. Air washing/depurations To collect dangerous pollutant as asbestos, wood, fiberglass, rock wool quartz, microbs Yeast molds, these machines works with multiple filtration – G4 – F7- H13 • HVAC Cleaning • Air Depuration

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Cleaning the air, before delivery, of new buildings, for renovation works and for cleaning the ventilation ducts. Lifa machines are used to renew the air and are designed to retain dangerous dust such as asbestos, quartz, wood, glass / rock wool, and micro organisms Fungi, molds, spores, etc.

LIFA AIR machines are silent, easily transportable and housed in small spaces. Therefore indicated in jobs in which, such as hospitals or electronic laboratories, it is necessary to prevent the spread of even small particles of dust, thanks to the possibility of doubling the Hepa fi lters, it is possible to clean and renew the air even where it is not possible to discharge the wastewater. on the outside. LIFA AIR in cooperation with the Finnish technical research center VTT, has developed a method for the certification of its machines which guarantees, in addition to total effi ciency, the control of dust transport without losses and diffusion in the environment.

A lateral collector is open to obtain air circulation, the dirt is removed with a rotating brush, the ventilation valves are closed so that there is sufficient air flow in the duct (10 – 20 m / s) using the ‘aspirator connected to a service opening, there is enough air in the duct to transfer the dirt into the filter of the machine


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